Dedra Belcher

I’m Dedra, married to my incredible husband, Brent, and we’re the proud parents of our two awesome adult children, Sydney and Reese. I joined the HCF family in June 2017, and it’s been a heartwarming journey. As an Elder, I want to empower believers to flourish in their faith and discover their divine purpose. I also play the keyboard for our worship team. I have also served as the children's minister and church administrator, roles that have enriched my experience and allowed me to contribute to our community’s foundation and growth.

I am devoted to creating a nurturing environment where everyone can feel God’s love and find their place in our church family.

Ted Davis

I joined the HCF family in 2019 after retiring from my previous pastoral role and stepped into the associate pastor position in April 2021. I serve as a teaching pastor and Jody and I are blessed to serve as Elders. My heart is deeply committed to guiding the Body of Christ to discover their connection with the Kingdom of God, tracing His goodness through both the Old and New Testaments. There's nothing quite like the thrill of teaching the Word and witnessing that moment of divine revelation in someone's eyes—it's one of life's true miracles. Beyond my teaching duties, I also lead the first impression team, ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcomed.

Family is my cornerstone. Being a husband, father, and grandpa brings me immeasurable joy.

Brent Belcher

I'm Brent, I have an amazing family, my wife Dedra and our two wonderful adult kids, Sydney and Reese. Since June 2017, I've had the privilege of being the senior pastor at HCF. My deepest passion is seeing people come alive in their understanding of who they are in Christ and walking out their identity in Him.

I love being a part of our worship team, worship is a huge part of my life.

Away from the pulpit, my interests change too fast to list them all here; I do love jamming out with my 50s and 60s band – it's like a musical time machine that never fails to bring a smile to my face. But above all, the times I cherish most are those spent with my family, especially when we're on vacation. These moments are the gems of my life, filled with laughter, love, and the simple pleasure of being together.

pastoral team

Zac Anderson

I'm Big Zac! Since 2023 I have been the Youth Pastor here at HCF, I also serve on our elder board. I lead our youth at the community teen center, Pathways Fellowship. Being part of this journey has been amazing, showing the kids how much they're loved and how much God cares about us all. I've worked with kids and teens in our area for 15 years.

I'm all about creating a place where teens can feel safe, valued, and most importantly, loved. I love to see them grow and conquer challenges. I've been able to make a difference globally, from Trinidad to Mexico and Colombia. Life’s one big adventure, and I believe in spreading the message of God's unconditional love everywhere I go. I believe the only way to really make a difference in someone’s life is to make sure they know you love them!

Sydney Kilburn

Hey there, I'm Sydney! Back in 2017, my family and I joined the awesome HCF family when my parents became the senior pastors. Growing up as a pastor's kid has been quite the adventure, and I've learned so much along the way. Fast forward to 2022, I stepped into my mom's shoes and became the children's minister here at HCF.

I love creating fun and memorable services for all the kids. It's super important to me that church is a place where kids can laugh, learn, and feel loved. And when I'm not at church, you can bet I'm out seeking adventures! Whether it's a quick trip to somewhere new or trying to plan the next journey. Life's too short to stay in one place, right? So let's make every moment count, both in and out of church!


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